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Home to Stay!

It took a while, but it's finally happened.

I am typing this from my desk at the house here on the laptop. I have moved home this afternoon after checking out of the hotel this morning. Took a while to pack up and move everything out of the hotel room, as one accumulates and requires a lot of stuff for a stay of 2 months (egads, was it really that long??!!). Even with having started to move stuff back to the house on Saturday, it took a while today to get stuff moved and all.

Just had a cup of tea - found the kettle and the tea pot in the first box that I opened! - and that was lovely.

I arranged the last of the boxes to be delivered from the storage facility to the house on Monday, so there were 120 boxes of sundry stuff lying around, none of them labelled courtesy of the original packers from the clean-up crew that dealt with stuff at the house. Been working since Saturday (other than Sunday, when I gamed with the crew) on getting stuff unpacked, but there's a lot more boxes to go through now. Made a pretty good dent in them this week so far, even though it's only Wednesday, but there's still a lot to do.

The den where I'm typing is an absolute mess (and no, there will be no photos as proof!), and I can't find any of the papers that I need to do some stuff right now, but that's all right. There are boxes to the left of me, boxes to the right of me, but everything's cool. Just glad to be home.

It feels weird.

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