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Doctor Who: Regeneration and Season 5 Preview

Two videos for your enjoyment this day. Not behind a cut, because most folks have already seen what's happened. If you don't want to watch the regeneration sequence or the preview for Season 5, don't watch them. :)

First off, the regeneration sequence with David Tennant giving up the role to Matt Smith was very good, and it has been posted to YouTube several times. I thought I would share it. The music is just choral in nature, somewhat epic, and is fitting for the Russell T. Davies period (even though I understand the regeneration sequence was written by Steven Moffat).

Second up, I offer up the preview trailer for the 5th series of Doctor Who and the new Doctor, Matt Smith. I know that Space did not air this last night, although it's possible they will air this sometime in the future.

Looks pretty good, doesn't it? :)

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