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Working From Home Today

I have decided today that I am going to be working from home.

The reason for this is three-fold. First off, I am having a good deal of trouble walking on the foot, and the lanes and the like here in Briston Private have not been cleaned. Not to mention that I can't really unbury the car that easily at the moment. Secundus, I am still a bit...problematic...with my right eye, and to be honest, all the snow is giving that snow blindness element to it that would make it difficult for me to drive. I also don't want to impose on Donna any more than I have of late, and so... Finally, I have to go to the foot clinic today, and I don't want to have to come all the way back from work to do so. At that point, I would just go home right afterwards.

In any event, I'm going to work from home. That is all.

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