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A Weird Wednesday...

Strange day in Ottawa today.

The sun is out this morning, and it's relatively warm, in the low middle positive single digits Fahrenheit. Everything looks like it's melting out there as I type this. It's supposed to turn bitterly cold again for the weekend, but before that there's another 4-6 cms. (1.5-2.5 inches) of snow due.

In the meantime, I have my regular 3- or 4-month visit with the diabetes specialist this afternoon at the Diabetes Clinic. My copies of the test results did not show up from the lab, and I'm somewhat nervous about the results. I suspect stuff will not be good, due to the "hotel lifestyle" that I led for close to 2-1/2 months and the fact that I've been depressed a lot (and thus eating food that's not good for me) during the last few months. Add the physical stress of the broken toes and a couple of other things, and we'll see...

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