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DW: AiTaS RPG GM Screen, w/ Pics

While I've had the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg GM Screen for a little over a week now, it was only today, courtesy of spross, that I can offer you a photo look at the Screen.

The DW: AiTaS rpg Gamemaster Screen is an absolutely beautiful product. While the Screen is not as solid as the one for Hollow Earth Expedition, it is made of sturdy hard cardboard done with a matte finish (rather than a glossy one), and is not accompanied by a booklet or the like. I consider this a detriment to the Screen, as booklets with a new adventure or some material are always usually a good buy, but perhaps this was mitigate by cost. The outside of the Screen, when it is folded appears thusly:

Upon opening the GM Screen and setting it up on a table, one beholds the following marvellous piece of artwork:

The artwork is rather nice, somewhat evocative of the game and the universe on which it is drawn, but I couldn't help but wish for the Screen to have had a montage of Doctors, with perhaps a foe from each and every Doctor's time period. Still, it is a bloody marvellous piece of artwork.

The interior of the GM Screen, when laid out is rather nice, with the white text in blue sidebar-like boxes. The various tables are all nicely organized. The interior looks like this:

The panels inside include:

Panel 1:
The Basic Rule
Difficulty numbers
How well did you do? (Yes but/fantastic, etc)

Panel 2:
Story Point Success Ladder
Extended Conflict Summary
Conflict Complications
Random Hit Location
Conflict: Which Attributes & Skills To Use
Marksman Damage

Panel 3:
Chase Summary
Effects Of Damaged Attributes
Modifiers For Terrain

Panel 4:
Technology Levels
Dramatic Events: Spending Or Gaining Story Points
Useful Gamemaster's Guide Page References

Pretty much every table that one could want for the game from the Player and GameMaster Guide books are here, with a few exceptions, but otherwise, this is a pretty good product for what it offers the GM - all the charts and tables needed to run the game without having to open the book!

And here are two shots of the interior panels, one a complete panel and one showing a complete table on a panel:

Overall, a very good gaming product for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg, that is only marred by the lack of a booklet with some supplementary material. Very nice, very sturdy, and very useful!
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