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Sunday Gaming, Finished Scenario

I just finished running my Sunday gaming group through the fourth session of their first Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg scenario, "Ghosts in the Machine", and have to say that it was a highly enjoyable experience for all concerned, at least if the players' reactions were any indication.

While both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon gaming groups went through the scenario, the experience for me was completely different. The Friday night group is playing a UNIT team whereas the Sunday group has a Time Lord and his companions. As such, the game experience was different, given that the Sunday group players are almost non-combat oriented (Time Lord and companions after all!) while the Friday group consists of UNIT characters, each with a degree of combat skills. Fascinating game and stuff.

From the point of view of running the game, DW: AiTaS has been a very interesting challenge. This game has an implicit component of its mechanics and all such that the game is an interactive story told by both the GM and players, where players can change the plot, add complications, make things easier for themselves, and all sort of other stuff through the use of Story Points. (Yes, this is a bit of a simplification.) Be that as it may, it changes the way Gamemasters think about running the game, because the players can alter the plot at times and because unexpected things happen all the time that makes the GM improvise quite a bit. Lovely stuff, but challenging. :)

Both gaming groups are having a great time with the game. The Friday night group loves the whole interactive storytelling element, and were surprised at how simple the mechanics of the game are, simpler even than those found in Hollow Earth Expedition (in their words). The Sunday group, well... spross and Tammy took a while to get into the game itself, and still haven't got a handle quite yet on using Story Points, but that will come with time and game experience.

As for me, well time to make some supper. And watch a bit of Olympics coverage.
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