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Family Day Stuff (Not of Interest to Most)

Spent a relatively quiet Family Day here in the Ottawa valley.

Relaxed somewhat, did a bit of reading, did a bit of writing, and watched another of the Peter Davison Doctor Who stories, "The Visitation", on DVD, as well as keeping my eye on some Olympic Games coverage.

To make my life complete, the power went off at the house (and in the condo block) around 4:30 pm, and didn't come back on until 8:45 pm. I couldn't make supper, so I decided to order in some Chinese food. It was pretty good, and nice as a treat, but we'll see how it affects the body.

The broken toe appears to be healing, but very, very slowly, and whatever's wrong with my inner plumbing seems to have righted itself somewhat, although I've still got some discomfort and all. The week has a couple of doctor appointments in it - a foot clinic appointment to keep my toes happy and good, and a regular doctor appointment to see what's going on with the prostate and all since I started taking the meds close to a month ago for that.

Despite the power failure, it was nice to have the day off yesterday, and gave me a bit of a chance to re-charge my batteries, and just take the day and lolligag around and all that.
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