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Re-"Discovering" Curling

While watching some of the games during the Winter Olympics over the weekend, one of the things that amuses me and annoys me at the same time is the fact that the folks down in the U.S. seem to re-"discover" curling every time. I mean, look at the entry above on the sport on Wikipedia... it mentions in the first line that it's a "team Olympic sport", like it's never been played before or after the Olympics!

The attitude towards curling on the part of Americans ranges from the "Gods, I love this sport! Why haven't I heard of it or seen it before?" to "What a bloody boring thing this is, tossing stones down an ice sheet and seeing if they stay in a set of rings or not!", or even "What a boring, slow game!", but I really do wish that this process would stop. The game of curling has been around since forever, and it's a tremendous sport for both players and spectators, and is one of sheer skill on the ice as well as strategy and tactics.

I mean, sheesh, people! The game has been around for a long time, it's been played for a long time, and Americans just "discover" it every four years at the Winter Olympics. Get used to it, put it in your long-term memory, and let's just get on with the great game of curling.

That's all.
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