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A Beaten Canada

"Me Day" has come crashing down to a terrible close.

Just finished watching the Olympic men's hockey game between Canada and the U.S. The Americans beat us by a score of 5-3 (including an empty net goal). What a horrible game Canada played, although you wouldn't think so based on the shots on goal in the game. Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres was incredible in goal for the Americans, and he basically gave them the win.

That said, Canada played a horrible, sloppy game of hockey, and this was not a good night for New Jersey Devils' goaltender Martin Brodeur between the pipes for Canada. What does this mean for Canada's gold medal chances? Just that they'll have to play a game to qualify for the Qualifying Round, and that will make things...interesting.

I'm going to bed now, to read some more Jasper Fforde. I want to go to sleep with pleasant thoughts in my head, rather than that abominable hockey game.
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