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My RPG Full Circle...

Roleplaying games and the gaming hobby are such strange things.

I've been gaming now since...well, I started with Chainmail, the early version of Dungeons & Dragons and Empire of the Petal Throne back in 1974 or 1975, but around 1980 switched to the fantasy roleplaying game that would be a staple for me for the next twenty plus years, DragonQuest . In the last fifteen years or so, I've run several other fantasy rpgs - Ars Magica, Arrowflight, Agone, and a few others - but have seemingly never been satisfied with them (if I had been, would I have kept switching to other fantasy rpgs?).

And now, I'm about to come full circle again...

Nick and Steve Bauer from the Friday night group came over on Wednesday night, and we were talking about gaming. They mentioned that the rest of the Friday nighters feel that they are not happy playing Agone and have decided they want to go back to the roots of their fantasy gaming, and so I am going to be running DragonQuest again on Friday night. I've also spoken to spross and Tammy, and they've agreed to switch and go back to the old SPI game. spross is particularly happy about this, since he's always been a fan of that game system, especially enjoying the combat system using miniatures, and I can't say that I'm going to complain about gaming in that world again. And using those game mechanics. It almost feels like putting on a favourite sweater again or something akin to that, giving me a warm, toasty feeling.

DragonQuest is a game that went out of print back in 1982/1983, when Simulations Publications, Inc (SPI) went out of business and got taken over by TSR. They published a third edition of the game, to keep the license, but things have been very confusing since the takeover of TSR by Wizards of the Coast and then by Hasbro. Oddly enough, the game has a terrific following still on the internet, with lots of websites devoted to the game (including my own when I relaunch it sometime next week, perhaps) and DragonQuest fandom is still very active.

I don't really know why i stopped running DragonQuest to begin with. The campaign with the Friday night group that I have was going on 20 years of age at the time...the Sunday gaming group was content with it...perhaps it was the fact that I'd been running the game for twenty plus years that made me want to find something else, something more current, in the fantasy rpg lines to run, something where I didn't need to create the world. But I have never really been satisfied with the other fantasy rpgs I've run, despite how it's looked to my players over the years and all, and SteveB and Nick commented on this. Of course, it's not like I've ever *not* run DragonQuest for a long time; I came back to it for a while in 2001, 2003, and again in 2004, but for some reason felt that other fantasy game systems suited my needs back then. Just deluding myself, of course. I really am a DragonQuest fanboy at heart. And I h aven't felt this good or this creative about rpging in a while now.

Oh, and for those wanting to learn more about this fantasy rpg, the best place to start is on Google, or at the following link:

The DragonQuest Players Association

Anyway, time to go dig out the boxes of gaming stuff again... :)
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