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Friday vs. Sunday Groups in DW: AiTaS

Just finished gaming with my Sunday gaming group. Both they and the Friday night group are playing the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg these days, and I'm having the time of my life running the game and playing with it.

One of the most interesting things about running DW: AiTaS on the two gaming groups to this point has been the difference in style and feel of the two games. The Friday night group are playing a United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (U.N.I.T.) group of characters, whereas the Sunday gamers are playing a Time Lord and his companions. The major difference, of course, has been the sheer amount of gun play and physical combat in the Friday night group, since the U.N.I.T. period of Doctor Who was associated with this sort of stuff. The Sunday group, on the other hand, focus on a more cerebral feel to the game, and has involved much less physical conflict than the Friday night group, the conflict coming from other aspects of the game and the scenarios that I've run to this point.

What I find so enjoyable about running the two games at this point is the fact that the players are getting into the feel of the game. It has taken the two groups of players a bit of time to get a handle on a couple of the game mechanics, notably Story Points and the notion of making bad things happen to one's character to further or enhance the plot, but they're finally getting into the swing of things. The Friday nighters have more tv experience seeing the Classic Who series, whereas Tammy in the Sunday game is very much ignorant of much of the series, having seen only the last five specials of New Who and snippets of some of the other New Who (she's only seen bits and pieces of Tom Baker's time as the Doctor, and doesn't remember whether she saw a lot of his stuff or not). spross, on the other hand, has vast knowledge of the series in terms of Classic Who (and knows more than I do about much of New Who), and she's intimidated somewhat by this. Of course, the Friday nighters have also been watching a bit of Classic Who from my collection to get a better idea of what the old series is like, and they've enjoyed it. Tammy has been resistant to this idea, although I managed to show her sequences involving the TARDIS console room from "An Unearthly Child", "Logopolis", and "The Mark of the Rani" yesterday, since she wanted an idea of what Classic Who console room looked like. She wasn't impressed.

Anyway, so far so good. The players are enjoying themselves with the game system immensely, and are truly getting into the spirit of Doctor Who in the play and characterisations. What a brilliant game this really is!


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