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News from the Doctor

Just got back home from the doctor's office around half an hour ago or so. The news is not good.

I had my bad foot x-rayed again on Tuesday, and he got the results and called me in for an appointment. The broken toe is still broken, but it is healing...however, the problem is that they're not sure it's healing properly (which would account for the fact that I'm still in pain with it). He's going to consult a specialist, and get back to me, but the feeling is that I may have to have it fixed surgically or they'll have to re-break it and then splint the toe with another one to keep it straight.

I should have seen this coming.

In the meantime, I have to figure out out to get out to go get a haircat. I'm feeling like a shaggy dog these days, though my hair isn't super-long, but it feels very uncomfortable. The doctor said I can try driving the car if I want, but that the foot may get "aggravated" by that experience.

Then, I need to to spend the late afternoon getting ready to run tonight's game session of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space on the Friday night group.
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