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Walking Can Harm You...

It just goes to show.

After spross left my place this afternoon (his parents were coming back from their trip to Arizona early), I decided to go outside and take a walk. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and the sun was shining and I figured what could it hurt.

Silly me.

I walked all the way to the park and then was on my way back home in the condo complex when I stumbled/tripped over a bit of loose masonry in one of the sidewalk stones - and I badly bruised and/or broke another toe, this time my pinky toe on the opposite foot from where I have the other toe break. I hobbled home and was able to put ice on the foot, but now the toe is somewhat swollen and the black and dark blue bruises are starting to come out.

I am obviously cursed.

Anyway, I'm about to hobble up stairs and make some supper for the evening. Then a bit of hockey, and if there's time, some work on Sunday's DW: AiTaS game.
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