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Shoulder Pain and Weather

Thank goddess it's Wednesday. This means that the week is pretty much half over, and to be honest, it's been a bad week for me so far.

The pain in my shoulder got bad enough that I managed to see the doctor yesterday, and he confirmed that I've wrenched the shoulder, but haven't dislocated it or anything like that. He said that it will just take time to heal up, and that I just need to apply some heat to it (or the liquid gels that you rub into it), and take painkillers as necessary. I have good moments and bad moments with the shoulder, and right now, it's one of the good, relatively pain-free moments. The down side to this is the fact that I've not been able to exercise on the elliptical since I did this mid- to late last week, so I gained a pound or so. My blood sugars have stayed good, in my "normal" range for the moment, so I guess I shouldn't gripe too much. Suffice it to say, I haven't had a lot of good sleep since I did this to myself, since every time I turn over and land on the shoulder, the pain is so intense (even with the painkillers) that it wakes me up. *sigh* Of course, I know exactly when I did this, too - it was when I was going through the storage room under the stairs at home, digging out the DragonQuest game stuff. Ah, well, sometimes you pay the price for gaming, I guess. :)

In other good news, the weather is warming up today, going to about 70C (about 450F), so that will be nice. Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 160C (about 600F)!! This is so good. I like when the weather is in the mid-teens, to be honest, as I find it the most comfortable of all the year. One of the reasons I like Spring and Fall the best, I guess. Despite being born in July, I am *not* a Summer person, and while one can stay warm and all in Winter, I am not fond of that season, either. Other than the hockey and curling portions of said season, of course. If the weather forecast is accurate, I think I will take a couple of good, long walks tomorrow.
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