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GM Notes

Here are the GM Notes on The Spores of Death, Episode Three, my current running of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game.

GM Notes:

This game session was much better than the previous one, which I had found to be a bit of a let-down, and the players commented that things are going really well with this, and they have no idea what is going on - other than it having something to do with Manderley Gardens. They liked the pacing on this one much more, and found there was more to do for each character than there had been.

Joanne, Kelasa's player, when we got to the cliffhanger commented, "Why me?" hehe

The sub-plot with Annabelle Tempest and BotOrganics is coming to the fore now, and this is working out rather well, though a couple of the players commented that they figured Annabelle Tempest was somehow involved in the mess.

You may have noticed that Mad Hal hasn't been about. Or has he? :) There's a few more surprises coming to the player characters yet, you know.

The players have adapted well to the use of Story Points. Amazing what can happen when you run the game long enough that players get used to such an integral mechanic of the game. During the two fights, with the half-plants and the one at the BotOrganics greenhouse, Story Points got used, and Kelasa has been eating them up. On the other hand, she's also been getting them back as well.

The players have also done a good job playing off their character Traits, and making these work for them. I was used to them handling this really well in Hollow Earth Expedition and Desolation, but DW: AiTaS isn't exactly an action-adventure kind of rpg, and the Traits work differently than their equivalents do in HEX.

So far, so good. :)

Hope everyone's enjoying this stuff. :)
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