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Detour into MCB

Interesting development for my Friday night gamers.

While I was supposed to run the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg this evening, I got a call from Kathy last night, where she said to me that the group wanted to take a quick, one week break, and play a session of Mutant City Blues, the brilliant Gumshoe game that combines C.S.I. with super-heroes. So who was I to say "No"? :)

I like the game, and have been sitting on a couple of scenario ideas for the game for a while now, so I sat down this afternoon when I got back from work, and fleshed one of them out and will run that this evening. Looking forward to this, to be honest, and will make a nice, short break from DW: AiTaS.

Now, if only the folks at Cubicle 7 would release the Aliens and Creatures boxed set... :)
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