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Last Night's MCB Game

Last night's game went pretty well, and the players were quite pleased with the game. This stemmed not only from playing Mutant City Blues last night, but also from the chance to get away from the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space game for one week.

The basic premise of Mutant City Blues, other than its roots in the Gumshoe game system, is one that author robin_d_laws should be justifiably proud of. The game is one that takes the super-hero concept away from the four-colour comics and brings it into the world of forensic investigation and C.S.I., and makes for a game that is very different from most of the super-hero rpgs out there. Last night's game was pretty simple in some ways, complicated in others. The plot concerned the members of the Heightened Crimes Investigation Unit (HCIU) being called in on the case of a chrome (powered individual) killed through a drug overdose. Or so it seemed. By the time the evening was over, the players had found the case involved much more, including a drug smuggling ring that marketed a drug capable of incapacitating supers, connections to the upper echelons of the government, and some interesting "juiced-up" super-powered foes. Pretty decent, I thought, for a one-shot game that I prepped three hours before playing, and the players had a pretty good time.

While I haven't run the game in some time, Mutant City Blues is one of my favourite games from the folks at Pelgrane Press. Now, I just wish I could get them interested in playing The Dying Earth again...

In the meantime, tomorrow is the first playtest for the Desolation game that I'll be running at CanGames this year....
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