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Playtesting Desolation

Spent an interesting afternoon today running the Desolation rpg playtest of the scenario that I'll be fronting at CanGames this year.

Part of the problem is that the Sunday group these days consists of Tammy and spross, so it's very difficult to run a playtest of a scenario requiring six player characters with only 2 players. Tammy and spross did a pretty good job, as usual, with this, and it gives me an interesting view on the timing of the scenario, since when combat starts, they have to keep track of three characters each and all that good stuff. Tammy had an interesting view on some of the magical aspects and elements of the scenario (two of the player characters are actually Weave workers of an unusual type), and that added a new dimension to the game as well. Both players thought the scenario was pretty good, with a solid plot, some unique twists, but found themselves a bit overwhelmed at times, especially keeping track of Style points and Wounds for each character.

The scenario is an interesting one, in that the player characters are all Oruskans (orcs, goblins, and kobolds a la Desolation). The so-called evil, nasty, brutish races of the game that have interesting cultures and social aspects of their own, and it's an interesting adventure as well that highlights some of the unique aspects of the Desolation system.

Anyway, the Friday night group will be playtesting the scenario again for me, and with six players there, it'll be an interesting experience to see how they handle it differently and how the time element with it goes. My goddaughter as an orc, goblin, or kobold...can't wait! <g>

Still gotta playtest the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space scenarios that I'll be running at CanGames shortly, so if anyone wants to join the playtests on a Sunday afternoon, drop me a line to make arrangements.
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