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Monday Morning Blahs

Had a terrible night's sleep last night.

Was running to the bathroom around the Witching Hour, and then again during the Hour of the Wolf. I had thought that my bowels had calmed down for a bit, but I am seriously stressed out somewhat by the amount of work I have to do on the various characters for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space player characters for the two games at CanGames this year. That's part of it, methinks. I almost didn't wake up when the alarm went off this morning, and I am thinking that I wish I hadn't gotten out of bed this morning.

So, here I am at work this morning, struggling to keep my eyes open. This should be an interesting day...NOT.

Oh, joy, Donna has just dropped a pile of computer print-outs on my desk.
Tags: cangames, doctor who: adventures in time and space, personal, rpg, rpg hut, tired, work

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