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No Sugar in My Tea...

Came home from work tonight to read in the paper that Syd Barrett, the wonderfully instinctive guitarist and psychedlic/whimsical songwriter, for Pink Floyd in the band's early days died on July 7th at home in Cambridge, England, from symptoms related to diabetes. Now, granted Barrett only worked with Floyd for three years, in the early days, starting in 1967 with their debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn... but his death hit home for me in a couple of ways. You see, the well-known sf and fantasy artist Tim Hildebrandt died on June 11th of...complications brought on by diabetes.

Now, granted that both of these gentlemen were somewhat older than I, but well... I was diagnosed with adult onset (Type 2) diabetes at the end of 2003. Now, I don't take insulin shots or pills as of this writing (knock on wood!); I manage to control the diabetes with diet and exercise (although I haven't been doing all that well with the latter lately, due to the broken toe I suffered about a month ago. The diabetes manifests itself in all sorts of physical ways, notably in a retardation in healing from wounds and physical injuries. While I have always been aware that the diabetic condition puts my life somewhat at risk, I guess it was the reading of these two death notices, especially the one about Syd Barrett this evening, that has put the whole "no sugar or sweets" (among other foodstuffs) in perspective for me at the moment.

I think that as I work my way towards the ripe, old age of 60, I'm going to have to start taking better care of my diabetic condition, and being more attentive to what kinds of "bad" foods I eat. Oh, well, at least I never took sugar in my tea, and I can use substitute Equal or Splenda in my cup of (decaffeinated) coffee. ( haven't drank a cup of real coffee in some 12 years!) So, as the Guess Who used to sing, "No sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea". :(

I don't treat diabetes lightly, and neither should any of the folks who are reading this entry. For more information on Diabetes, please check out the following links:

Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA)

American Diabetes Association
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