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Happy Birthday, Fish 'n Chips!

Today marks another birthday, of sorts, in the food industry this time.

Happy Birthday, Fish 'n chips!

Today celebrates the 150th birthday of that English stape dish, fish 'n chips (that's fish 'n french fries to you Yanks and some Canucks). The dish emerged from the fried fish cooked by the Jewish community in London's East End and the chipped potatoes favoured in the factories of the industrial northwest England. It's believed the first fish and chips shop was set up in 1860, although chippies in northern England and London still argue over where the shop is.

The health issue over anything deep fried makes it seem very unhealthy, but apparently if cooked properly, fish 'n chips is healthier than many of the other fast foods available today.

So hoist an order of fish 'n chips today, and celebrate its birthday. :)
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