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Things Happen in Threes...

Yesterday was one of those days that I really want to forget.

It started off when I woke up, looked out the windows, saw that it was pouring like the Goddess was crying serious tears, but that it was somewhat warmer than it's been in a while. (Found out that it was about 60C, and that it was going to 10 degrees or so. Not bad, except for the rain, of course.) It was supposed to rain pretty much all day, which it did.

Then things got bad. You know what they say about stuff happening in threes, right?

Went upstairs after doing the morning stuff for breakfast, took out the two eggs for a scramble, and as I put out the cutting board to chop some onions and peppers into it, one of the eggs slides right off the counter, and drops some 3+ feet down into the gap between the counter and the stove. No, my stove is not one of these built-in units that attaches to the counter. Naturally, the egg smashes and it's all a mess. I don't have time to deal with the egg right away, so take another egg out and start to make breakfast.

The process goes fine, and the scrambled eggs are all set to eat. As I pick the plate of eggs off the counter, the earthenware plate drops, smashing to the ground, and breaking into a million pieces, eggs and all. This is obviously a sign that I'm not supposed to have scrambled eggs this morning. I clean the broken plate and eggs off the floor, and make a boiled egg for breakfast, and a piece of toast. All goes well.

I get to work, and start doing stuff. Come 10:30 am, I break for morning snack. As I'm drinking a nice hot cup of chai tea, a decent sized chip of my tooth breaks off the left bicuspid, for no apparent reason. The dentist told me last week that my teeth were strong and healthy. I don't go to the dentist for three years, and my teeth are fine. Go to the dentist for a cleaning and evaluation, and a week or so later, a tooth chips. Marvellous.

Stuff happens in threes, they say, and I was living proof yesterday.

I did not have a good time cleaning up the egg from between the counter and the stove when I got home, but managed to do so, even with the shoulder problems I'm having. Naturally, just when I thought the shoulder was feeling better, now I'm hurting again.

The tooth doesn't hurt at all, but it's a bit rough against the lip, and I'm afraid to bite anything there for fear I'll take another piece out; that said, I've got an appointment at the dentist's on Tuesday morning, bright and early. Oh joy, oh bliss.

The good news is that today is Friday. That means I'll be running the DragonQuest campaign on SteveB, Kathy, et. al. again tonight. Having a good time with this, and looking forward to it tonight.
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