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Be Wery, Wery Quiet...

Today has been a bizarre day so far.

My goddaughter, Ellie, spent up until yesterday in the hospital, as she's had a problem with her left kidney. Being a Type 1 diabetic, this is not good. SteveB and Kathy, Ellie's parents, asked me to them a godfather favour. They felt that Ellie would like a change of pace for a day, and asked me to take today off and host my goddaughter at my place. So I agreed to do this, and they dropped Ellie off with me on Thursday evening.

The little one has been through a lot lately, and right now she is sleeping away in my bed. I'm trying to be quiet in the meantime, and have eaten breakfast and sat down to do some office work. The rest of the day will depend on my goddaughter and what she wants to do.

Her folks will take her home with them tonight, after we game. Anyway, time to check on her again and then get a bit more office work done for the morning.
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