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Last Night's Desolation Playtest

Good morning, everyone. Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday.

Spent last night's Friday night gaming session playtesting the Desolation rpg scenario that I'll be running at CanGames this year. I had already done a run through of the scenario on Sunday with spross and Tammy, but it needed this second playtest as there were a few refinements and checks on timing certain events that I needed to do. You can read about the Sunday group playtest of the scenario in this journal entry.

The Friday nighters, and my goddaughter, gave this scenario a real solid playtest, going through the entire scenario, playing out two scenes twice to see how a different set of actions might affect things, and overall things went really well. The Style points flowed during the course of the game in both directions, and the players commented that the scenario had some really nice edges to it. Joanne and Nick commented that it was a really nice change playing Oruskan characters, and that it was wonderful to see the game world of Desolation from the Oruskan point of view. The two characters who use the power of the Weave to wield magic in the scenario are...different...than a lot of other magic users in the game world, insofar as they are both Oruskans and are wielding some unconventional types of magic.

Overall, the game went pretty well last night, and the players commented to me when it was all done with that they had forgotten how much they missed playing Desolation the last little while. So, as far as I'm concerned, the playtests of the scenario are done, and it's now time to turn my attention to playtesting the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg scenarios that I'll be running at the convention.
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