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Gaming and Priorities

One of the things I really dislike is the notion that I'm expected to do certain things that I've started regardless of any other priorities.

My DW: AiTaS Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game is a perfect example.

Aside from the personal stuff that I've been dealing with the last week to two weeks, there are a few other things. One of the priorities I've had the last two weeks is to do more book reading. This is something that I've been seriously lax in over the past few months, probably as a reaction to all the reading that I did while I was living in the hotel during the flood business. So I've been spending less time on the computer the past few weeks, and doing a bit of reading. Not as much as I might like with all the other stuff that's gone on the last two or three weeks, but enough to have let the PBeM game slide a little.

The other thing that has my real focus right now is the preparation of the DW: AiTaS and Desolation scenarios for CanGames in under two months. While the scenarios themselves are ready to go, creating the player characters for the scenarios and doing up some of the other stuff that's necessary for the game takes a bit of time, and I've been devoting the last few weeks to that as well. So the time I have and want to take on the home computer is being taken up by that, surfing my favourite sites for a bit, and keeping up on my blog. I'm not one to playtest and get scenarios ready for a convention the week before the game, I like to have them done well in advance. And this is what I'm doing.

The DW: AiTaS PBeM game, called DW: The Chronos Society, is something that I want to do as a hobby, but the players for that game have just hit a patch where other priorities come first at the moment. The PBeM game hit a couple of major snags, where several players took months to get some of the basics done for their characters. Add to this that several other players hemmed and hawed about playing the game before making their decisions (rather than just committing to the game one way or the other), and the PBeM game has been delayed by up to a month and a half. But now, I've got the other priorities, and to be honest, the PBeM game will have to wait a bit. Once the work is done that I need to do for the CanGames scenarios, the PBeM game will get back on track.

Add to this the fact that the last few months have been hectic and rushed, and I also felt that I needed some "me" time. That's something else I've taken as well over the last little while. So the PBeM game comes last. I'm sad that's the truth of things, but Real Life(tm) and other concerns come first.
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