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Wanting to Run Barsoom...

One of the things I have wanted to do for ages is to run a game based on the John Carter of Mars and Barsoom stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The problem is that I've never been content with any of the roleplaying games out there and confidence that they could do it, well, at least until the arrival of Hollow Earth Expedition. However, I needed a roleplaying resource of some sort for the Barsoom-y stuff, and it has finally arrived.

I caved in today and picked up a copy of Adamant Entertainment's MARS supplement for Savage Worlds. Yes, I know I'll have to do a whack load of conversions to Ubiquity and all (or perhaps the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space system), but the supplement gives me at least the basics of what I want to use to run the game, even if the folks at Adamant couldn't *call* it Barsoom. :)

So, yes, for the moment, I am a happy camper.
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