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Fvlminata Website Back Up!

I was very pleased today to see that the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning website is back on-line.

Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning is probably the finest and best of the Roman roleplaying games to ever hit the market, and the system just has strength after strength behind it. While the game has a historical background, it posits that the Romans discovered gunpowder (hence the "Armed with Lightning" part), and the Roman Empire has not fallen. The game has been off the market for quite some time, to be honest, and it's good to see that iuppiteroptmax has decided to re-launch the game as well as the website.

The website doesn't have a lot of stuff on at all yet, in fact nothing other than the main page, but it's looking *reaaaaaaaaal* good so far, and I look forward to see what stuff gets posted up there. So do check it out if you're a fan of things Roman and if you're a roleplayer.
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