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Senators-Penguins Pre-Game Thought

I see from the pre-game chat that Jonathan Cheechoo will be playing for the Senators tonight.

Having been demoted to the Binghamtom Senators and played there for two months after his play did not leave the Senators coaches and management impressed, Cheechoo will be getting another chance tonight. He's got the playoff experience from his days with the San Jose Sharks, and has the numbers in the playoffs to merit this chance to help out Ottawa.

Cheechoo was obtained by Ottawa in the deal that sent Dany Heatley to San Jose, and I always thought that despite the problems he had getting points and scoring with the Senators that he never should have been sent down, as the team was playing pretty poorly for most of that time and Cheechoo wasn't being given the ice time that he should have received. While I liked what coach Corey Clouston said about the reasons for bringing Cheechoo back, if that's all true, why did Cheechoo spend the last two months down with Binghamton?

That said, tonight's game against the Penguins is a "must win" for Ottawa. If they go back to Pittsburgh trailing the series 3 games to 1, it will be all over for Ottawa pretty much. This means, quite plainly, that Ottawa needs to find a way to stop Sid the Kid and Evgeni Malkin tonight for sure.
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