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Barsoom Books to Replace

Spoke too soon about having a good afternoon today. I am now seriously pissed off at the insurance company that has been handling the replacement of the books that went down in the sewage flood of 2009.

One of the things that I had was a complete set of the Leonaur hardcover editions of the John Carter of Mars series in the six hardcover volumes that Leonaur did. The problem is that the last two volumes in the set

John Carter of Mars Vol. 5: Synthetic Men of Mars & Llana of Gathol

John Carter of Mars Vol. 6: John Carter & the Giants of Mars and Skeleton Men of Jupiter

don't seem to be available any longer on the Leonaur website, and everywhere that I've looked for these volumes in hardcover, the prices I've seen are over $200 each. The insurance company is willing to replace many of the titles that I lost in the flood, but not these two because of their "outlandish" price.

If any of my friends or anyone else out there reading this post knows where I can find these two books, preferably in the Leonaur hardcover editions (so as to match the other four that I have), at a reasonable price, please drop me a line and let me know.
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