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Final DW: AiTaS Playtest Done

Last night, the Friday gaming group finished the last playtest that I had to run of the second Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg scenario for CanGames this year.

What pleased me so much is that after running the playtest of this scenario three times previously, all the changes and work that I've done to get things shiny and bright have paid off to the point where the scenario runs relatively smoothly now, and even fits into the time slot alloted for it.

To be honest, this scenario has been a serious bugbear for me since I started to get it ready for the convention. There were certain elements of the scenario that I hadn't planned for properly, and the DW: AiTaS system takes a bit of getting used to when running stuff that isn't straight Doctor Who so to speak. And to that the combination of the diplomacy and talky elements of the scenario with the physical combat moments of this adventure, and it is truly a more complex scenario than I was expecting. Hence, some of the difficulties I had with it. Both the Friday night gamers and the Sunday afternoon gamers are to be commended for their heroic efforts in the playtests to help me get this scenario together. Especially the Sunday gamers; spross and Tammy both did a heroic job in playing six characters between them during the playtesting. Just wasn't able to get anyone else in to join them in the playtests of the scenario, so they had a huge burden on their shoulders. Kudos to both of you, and a few real life Story Points! :)

I've already been thinking about what I want to run for CanGames next year in 2011...just muddling through a few thoughts and all. The new Laundry Files game based on Charles Stross's works will be out by then, several other games that I am wanting to get my hands on will be out by then, and of course some more products (and scenarios) for DW: AiTaS will be out... But right now, I'm thinking that I might run a Savage Mars scenario or two at the convention, since I notice there's little to no Savage Worlds stuff at CanGames. But we'll see, it's still over a year away to that convention...

On the subject of Doctor Who, tonight sees "The Beast Below", the second episode of Matt Smith's run as the Doctor, on Space here. Looking forward to this one, but may have to tape it as the sixth (and hopefully not the last) Ottawa Senators-Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup playoff game is on as well. Decisions, decisions.


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