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Saturday Contentment

April 1st. April Fool's Day. Fortunately, no one's going to be playing an April foolie on me, I hope. ::cross fingers::

Yesterday evening turned out much better than I planned. I had arranged for my friend Donald (another friend who doesn't have an LJ) to pop over to my place to take some photos of me so that I can have some current photos and update various pictures (including the one here on LJ). We planned to go out to supper for the evening, eventually deciding that we were going to order pizza in.

spross dropped by during the mid-afternoon, and helped me out with a whole bunch of stuff. By the time six thirty in the evening rolled around, Donald still wasn't here, and I was starving. He reminded me that he was supposed to drop by at about 7:30 pm and we were gonna order the pizza, but I convinced him that I was very hungry, and we agreed to meet at the Kelseys over at South Keys. spross decided to come with us, and we had a terrific meal there, although we did have to wait for a table until... 7:30 pm!

Got to watch a bit of the Ottawa Senators-New York Islanders hockey game while there, and had a great meal consisting of garlic bread, a salad with balsamic dressing...and chicken fajitas! Oh, boy, have I missed having fajitas! I only ate three of them, trying to be good you know, and watching the blood sugar and all that, but it wasn't too bad. Had some good conversation over dinner, although SteveR is something of a wallflower and didn't say all that much during dinner. Probably tired since he had had to work at 5:30 am that day, so that was cool.

Donald gave me a lift back to the house, and then did the photo thing. He took a good eight or so snaps of me, some with glasses and some without. My conclusion was that:

a) I have grown older.
b) I have lost more hair (although there's not much to lose!
c) My hair has gone even more grey; and
d) I'm not bad-looking for 51!

After snapping the photos, he and I sat for a while, had tea, listened to a bit of music, and talked about a variety of subjects before he called it a night and headed home to Janet.

Overall, a good Saturday evening, methinks.

If you're reading this, Donald, thanks! :)
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