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Two New Yahoo Mailing Lists Created for Games

One of the things that irritates me about the Savage Worlds game system is not the game itself, but the lack of dedicated forums or mailing lists to the various individual rpgs that have been published or licensed for the game. Sure, there are plenty of forums and the like devoted to the game and its various settings, but I find that I don't like the hassle of having to search for messages on subjects related to the Savage Worlds settings that appeal to me.

The two settings of the game system that appeal to me the most are Savage Worlds: Mars, the planetary romance game published by Adamant Entertainment under license from Pinnacle Entertainment, and Slipstream, the pulp science fiction game published by Pinnacle Entertaimment. For the reasons stated above, I have launched two mailing lists over on Yahoo Groups devoted to the two games. The URLs for the mailing lists are as follows:

Savage Worlds: Mars -

Slipstream -

Please note that membership is required for participating in these groups, and all potential members who wish to join the mailing lists must be approved by the Moderator. However, the Archives of these mailing list are open to the public.

I hope that some of the folks reading this post will share my interest in these two rpgs and the genres of which they are a part, and that some of you will join one or both of the mailing lists that I have created for the Savage Worlds: Mars and Slipstream rpgs. Look forward to seeing you on the mailing lists! :)
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