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Friday Night Hospital Game, Part I

On a ten-minute break from gaming here in SteveB's room in the Civic Hospital.

I'm running the Friday gaming group through the first adventure I've got for them for Savage Mars, and they are having a blast. The game has gone really well tonight, and SteveB is in fine form, although a bit weak. There is nothing more satisfying than starting a game in media res, but it's even better to have the characters ambushed by Green Martians in a ruined city!

The nurses have been fantastic about allowing us to game in the room, although I think it was Kathy who actually convinced them to allow us to do so, as long as we keep it relatively quiet, which we've done so far, although Nick got a bit carried away at one point while savagely fighting a Green Martian warrior. One of the nurses is a Barsoom fan, and she's even more a-okay in my book as she was kind enough to grab a banana for me from the cafeteria. Really great folks, even if I'm not all that fond of hospitals.

My bowels have been relatively well behaved this evening, but I'm stil a bit...sore in places down there. I managed to eat some chicken soup (Jewish penicillin), two slices of toast with margarine on them, and a small piece of schnitzel (baked, not fried) for supper, and topped that off with a 1/2 banana. So far, so good.

We'll likely be breaking up the game some time around 10:30 pm or so tonight, as they have to get SteveB ready for sleep and dreamland (such as it is in hospitals), so I'll be making my way back home after that.

Meanwhile, back to the game.
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