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Out and About Saturday Afternoon

Interesting afternoon.

I needed to go over to a card shop today to pick up a Mom's Day card for my mother, and also needed to get to CD Warehouse for the last couple of Classic Doctor Who DVDs that I was missing, "Revelation of the Daleks" (Colin Baker) and "The Curse of Fenric" (Sylvester McCoy).

spross came over after work, and we went out into the rain and the cold. I was pretty comfy in a t-shirt and sweater with a medium-grade jacket, and we both had brollys so that was okay. The trip to CD Warehouse was a disaster, as I couldn't remember my PIN for the credit card, so we left there, and headed over to HeronGate Mall to buy cards for the mothers, with the intent of stopping at my place so I could get the PIN before heading back to CD Warehouse. It turns out that the Carleton Cards shop in Herongate was closed.

So we headed back to my place and then back to CD Warehouse. Funny thing happened there... When we entered the store, and again when we left, spross triggered the shoplifting protection panels at the front of the store. Turned out something about his new jacket triggered the mechanism. Funny stuff.

Went to Elmvale Mall, but they didn't have a card shop there, although I suppose that we could have gone into Shopper's Drugmart and grabbed something there, but I talked spross into going to Billings Bridge Mall (well, didn't have to talk him to hard into that!), and we picked up cards there.

Needless to say from the time we got to Elmvale 'til Steve dropped me off at my place, the (chilly) rain was pouring down. *sigh* C'est la vie. :)

The good news is that while we were out, my bowels were pretty decently behaved, with only a twinge or two of pain here and there. Hopefully this means I'm on the mend.
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