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Sunday Was Mother's Day

Had a pretty good Mother's Day yesterday for the most part.

Got up in the morning, and called me mum around 10:00 am. She told me that she had a good sleep in, and that she loved the card and flowers that I had given her. We arranged to do dinner at my place that evening, and I would do the cooking and all. I asked her what she wanted to eat for supper, and she said that she'd like her favourite food, so that's what I decided to make for her. She said she was going out to brunch with a friend, and that I'd see her later.

Spent the afternoon with the Sunday gaming group, and we completed the creation of their player characters for the Savage Mars game that I'm running. We barely finished off the player characters, as one of the players (and I'm not saying which!) took almost 2 hours to finish the bit with Edges and Hindrances. Said player didn't have a good idea for the background and personality of the player they wanted to play, and so ended up re-sketching out the character before getting back to the Edges and Hindrances. I was feeling completely frustrated by the time we broke for the day, and wanted to kill said player, and the other player wasn't all that happy either. Still got the Gear to do with the players, and then have to go through the basic game mechanics and all that before we can start play. *sigh*

After the Sunday gaming group left, I got down to cooking food (remember, my mum was coming to dinner?). Her favourite meal is Shepherd's pie, with peas in it, so I made a good size Shepherd's pie for supper and added a small salad to that, and this is what we had for supper last night. I sometimes find Shep's pie to be difficult to get it to come out right, but I did a pretty good job with this one. Spent the evening relaxing for a bit after supper, and then mum went home so she could catch her favourite tv series, Brothers & Sisters.

It was a relatively good day, and a good night.


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