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Friday Night Hospital Game, Part II

As promised last Friday night, in this journal entry and this entry from Saturday, I am about to post about my first game session of Savage Mars. This journal entry is three days late or so. Sorry about that. :)

To begin with, the player characters themselves are an interesting mix. First up, KathyB is playing Lady Dana Kovas, the youngest sister of the ruler of the Red Martian city of Sevakkor. Dana is a bit of a thrill-seeker, is fond of archaeology and a bit of theft on the side, and knows that Sab Thados is in love with her. SteveB is playing Sab Thados, a high ranking former soldier in the Sevakkor army who is now a guide and scout for the city. Very much in love with Dana Kovas. but she feels that he's not ready for her...yet. :) Nick is playing Mors Ravus, a Red man and soldier in the militia of Sevakkor one of those who gets assigned to duty guarding Dana Kovas quite often when she goes out of the city on one of her "jaunts". He's in love with a noble of the city, but she doesn't return his love, and so he's somewhat stymied. Tom is playing Eric David Hunter, an Earthman geologist transported to Mars, who will fall in love with Dana Kovas, and may or may not know a good deal about Grey Martian technology than he might suspect. There is also Faina, played by Joanne, a handmaiden captured during an expedition by Green Martians and enslaved for some time, who will be freed by Princess Dana and her various allies, and will hopefully become loyal to Dana and her city. Finally, there is Sola Breen, the character being played by 11-year-old Ellie, a young girl raised from the time she was an egg by Green Martians, whose first Red Martian contact was with Faina! Definitely an interesting mix of characters, to say the least.

As noted in the previous post, I started the game session off with the players "in media res". In the ruined city of Vatar Bolas, Lady Dana Kovas and her folks had arrived for the purposes of studying the ruins when their airship crashed. The player characters survived the attack with some ten of the Sevakkor guards, and the characters were able to determine that the ship had been sabotaged!, no doubt by enemies of her father, or those who wanted Dana out of the way. They determined that the airship could not be recovered, and it was a hairy experience getting out of the vessel. As they emerged from the wrecked airship, the group came under attack by Green Martians. The fighting was brutal, both Sab Thados and Mors Ravus getting to show off their combat style, and together with their fellow soldiers managed to kill most of the Green Martians. In the process, they lost Lady Dana, however, absconded with by one of the Green Martians, and so the characters gave chase.

Easily catching up on the two Greens, Sab and Mors took them on in solitary combat, and would have perhaps suffered somewhat badly if not for the timely intervention of a pink-skinned (!!) humanoid who called himself Eric Hunter, who killed one of the Green Martians with a weapon similar to a radium gun, but not a radium gun. The group spent some time getting into the whole "What the heck type of being is this?", but couldn't communicate effectively with the Earthman. They were amazed when Eric was able to display some unique, un-Martian abilities to them, but there was not a lot of trust between the Martians and the human evident. He took a bit of a shine to Dana Kovas, but the group dismissed such matters, focusing instead on the fact there might be other Green Martians lurking. They decided to go over to the area where the Greens had their small campsite.

Discovering the campsite deserted, they made another discovery while searching for foodstuffs and water... a female Red martian slave, Faina, and a young Red martian girl, Sola Breen, were found cowering in the ruins. The main Red Martian group didn't trust Faina or Sola, especially when Sola was found to exhibit behaviour similar to that of Green Martians, but Dana Kovas would not abandon them there, after hearing somewhat of Faina's story, and she decided that they would take them back somehow to Sevakkor.

The group decided to return to the wrecked airship, to see if the communications device was intact or not, and try to signal Sevakkor for help. While moving through the ruins of the city, they were attacked by a large sandsquid that almost wreaked havoc on the creature. When Dana Kovas was rescued from the creature's grip by Sab (with an assist by Faina, of all people), she responded by whispering to him "my chieftain" before she collapsed unconscious, but on recovering her senses took it back, claiming that she was not herself due to the heat and stress of the moment. Sab was bound and determined that he would hear those words from her lips again, preferably when she was in the heat of a different type of moment.

Back at the airship, while Sab and Mors attempted to deal with the airship comm system, several character moments occurred. Faina and Sola had heated words about these "Red men", but Sola went to sleep while Faina went to talk to chat with Lady Dana. Eric Hunter provided some assistance to Mors and Sab, all the while the other two tried to wrest more information out of him through sign language, unsuccessfully.

The party's calm and temporary quiet was broken by what sounded like the arrival of an airship at the ruins. Emerging from the wreck, several of the characters caught sight of an airship flying strange, unknown colours coming into view.

And that's where I ended the game for the night! :)

The game went pretty much as well as I expected it to, given the circumstances of running the game that night. I am finding it a bit hard to come to grips with the Savage Worlds system, so far, but that perhaps is more the unfamiliarity with it compared to the Ubiquity game system that I've been using for so long. That, and combat is a bit more complex in the Savage settings than Ubiquity or even Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space. Not to mention my memory with holes seemingly like a colander. Just a matter of getting used to the system, methinks.

As noted, the nurses and hospital staff were really quite good about things, and it was a really good gaming time. (At least, I hope it was for the other players.)
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