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The Low Lights of the Weekend

Here's some of the lowlights of my week so far.

The abdominal pain and bowel problems have not gone away, and I feel I am living from toilet to toilet.

Friday night, I did not run the game of Savage Mars, as SteveB was still feeling somewhat ill from his experience earlier in the week, and the others agreed we should just take the week off.

Saturday afternoon I made a horrible mistake... I went to the hospital about the abdominal pain and all. I went to the hospital around 2:00 pm, and got home around 2:30 am. All I got for my time there was bloodwork, a CT abdomination scan, and "we don't know what's causing it, but..." schpiel. That, and an IV in the elbow vein of my left arm that has left me with a very pained arm that I can't bend or move too much.

Since I spent much of the night at the hospital, I missed the second part of the Weeping Angels story of Doctor Who last night.

'Nuff said. I'm not myself, and life is just very negative right now for me.
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