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Welcome to My World...

This is the day that I knew was coming, but feared to think about.

Those who read this journal on a regular basis know that I have type 2 diabetes. For the past two plus years, I have controlled the diabetes with diet and exercise... But that isn't enough. Diabetes is a progressive disease, and as such, while the different regimens may be effective for a time (even a long period of time), eventually medication and perhaps insulin become necessary to combat the disease and to control it.

For me, that time is today. The results of the blood tests that I got at the doctor's office yesterday showed that my blood results were...good, but not great. My triglycerides were slightly elevated for the first time in two years, my cholesterol levels were up, and the A1c was 6.5%. While the doctor felt that this was within the limits of optimal control, the fact that my blood pressure is up a touch and the bloodwork had rises indicates that the diet and exercise are no longer enough. It's time for medication.

Today, I started to take Metformin. It is the most basic drug of the batch, the first one that diabetics go on. Usually the dosage starts low, and is increased if one can tolerate the drug (see the link for some of the side effects of this one) and if one needs to - which is usually the case, "progressive", remember?

250 mg of Metformin, twice a day.

I'll let you know what happens in the next few days, but in any event... welcome to my slightly more real world...
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