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Hot Day and the Diabetes Clinic

It is a brutally hot day once more in the Ottawa valley, although when I left for work this morning it was only about 220C (about 73.40F), but the humidex is already quite high. The temperature is going up to something like 350C (around 950F), with a humidex of 440C (some 1120F). Way too hot for my taste.

To add to my joy today, I have my three-month appointment at the Diabetes Clinic this afternoon. I can't say that I'm looking forward to this one. The illness I've suffered the last few months seemingly from the prostate medications that were prescribed have left me...well, not exactly eating a diabetically approved diet, and it's going to show in my blood tests (which I have not received from the hospital, despite the fact they were supposed to send a set to the patient).

Not going to be a good day, methinks. :(
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