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Slow Yesterday and Twitter

Another warm day shaping up here in the Ottawa valley. Not as warm as it's been over the last little while, but I'd be grateful for something in the mid-20's Celsius.

Yesterday was a very long day at work, and when I got home, I didn't feel like doing much of anything. Sat and finished reading the Sideways in Crime anthology edited by Lou Anders, and really enjoyed that book. Didn't finish the write-up on CanGames 2010, but that's actually done now, so will be posting it up later this morning when I get a chance. Just spent part of the afternoon listening to music, not going on the computer at all, and a bit of the evening catching up on my Twitter friends.

Speaking of Twitter, I've gotten back on Twitter, and have been spending a good deal of time there of late. I'd forgotten how nice it is to chat with folks there about a variety of stuff (even if some of them blog here on LiveJournal as well), and I can keep up with news updates and the like from all kinds of sources. I'm at the point where the time I spend there now isn't interfering with other stuff, and that was the real problem I had when I first started with Twitter. Spent so much time there that other stuff got sidetracked. Doing much better with it now. If you have a Twitter account, please get in touch there; I'm jkahane1.

Time for a cup of hot chai tea, and then a bit of work. Will post up the third CanGames post later this morning.
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