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Garbage in the Wind

It's the late part of spring, and we've got summer-like weather. Why is it that people don't know how to pack and wrap their garbage before they put it out? :(

I live in a very nice condo complex, with two-story buildings, and the folks here have to put their garbage out the night before the garbage collectors come to pick it up on Fridays (but since we had a long weekend last week, this week garbage collection is today, Saturday). I live in the end unit, where the garbage hut is attached to my end of the building, and someone (usually me) has to unlock the hut and take the garbage out to the curb on the night before collection day. And if I open my window on the side of the building in what passes for my kitchen or living room area (not the window-cum-doors that open onto my small deck and garden area), I get the wafting smell of the the garbage if it's not packed properly. And it's even worse at this time of year, because of the heat.

So what do I get this morning when I open my windows for some of the nice, cool, morning air and the breeze? Yep, the wonderful smell of loose, rotting garbage! So tell me why it is that people at this time of year are stupid enough to pack their garbage in flimsy bags, and toss it onto the side of the curb, where the bag breaks or splits apart, and wonderful smelly, rotting garbage is now lying on the damn curb???!!! What the hell is wrong with people, and why can't people use *PROPER DAMN GARBAGE BAGS* to pack their garbage for the week's haul!!

Nuts! :(


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    9 Apr 2023, 16:22
    My pleasure! Hope it was a good day for you! :)
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    8 Apr 2023, 19:49
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