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A Haul of Comics

As I suspected, spross dropped by the house after work. We had arranged to head out to West End Ottawa and the Comic Book Shoppe for the afternoon, so that is what we did.

I have just picked up my comics for the last seven (7) months!!! ::shudder::

Yes, it has been that long since I bought comics, and while I missed them, I'm just glad that he still had my subscription in the store. That was a *LOT* of comics, let me tell you. Needed a box to bring them back to the house. While there's my Legion of Super-Heroes and Justice Society stuff, there's also my Fables addiction stuff in there (including the Cinderella mini-series material, and some other stuff that I really like. Add the major recent cross-over of the Legion that just finished, and a few othger specials, and well...*LOTS* of comics.

I have no idea when I'll read them all, but it's going to be fun! :)

spross picked up his own comics as well, but he only had a month and a half or so of stuff, as well as an extra copy of Savage Mars, since he agreed to swap that with me for my copy of Slipstream.

So back at the house now, and looking forward to reading all those comics. Sort of. Plan to do some work on Savage Mars tonight, create a character or three for Atomic Highway, and watch me some Doctor Who. I think I need an extra six hours per day or some such just 'til the end of the weekend... :)
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