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Work Evaluation

Just came out of my work evaluation just now.

The news is pretty good, overall. While my boss is pleased with my work and my work ethic, he and the folks higher up are a little bit concerned about my health issues and status. They gave me a top class evaluation, and I was told that my language training has paid off, and that I'm going to get some more assignments in languages other than French and the stuff I've been doing the past few years.

I'm pretty pleased with the evaluation. Even though I've had to take sick days and work from home at times, it's not like I've slacked off work, doing my share, and the like, but I can see their reasoning on this.

I need to give myself a chance, to get back on a decent diet and lifestyle path, but that's up to me, not them. In the meantime, I'm just glad that they're relatively pleased with me.
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