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A Tale of the Arabian Nights...

Have spent most of the afternoon relaxing since I got home, and just finished a cup of tea. So, figured I should post the final report on the weekend's activities, notably Sunday's gaming group

After the previous week and the long Victoria Day weekend at CanGames, spross and Tammy decided that they wanted to play a game of Tales of the Arabian Nights, the magnificent board game from the folks at Z-Man Games.

So this is exactly what we did. And to be honest, from my own point of view, this was one of the strangest games of Tales of the Arabian Nights that I've ever played. This is a game that I've enjoyed playing every time I play it, and to be honest, it's a game that offers all manner of interesting anecdotes after one has played it.

Anyway, here's my story of the game.

In my usual fashion, I chose to take Ali Baba, and started off choosing skills at Talent level to provide what I thought Ali Babba should have. My big mistake may have been not taking Weapon Use, as you will see. I started off heading off and ending up in Rome while pursuing my quest (no need to detail it, since I never got a chance to finish the Quest). I fell in with evil cultists, and found myself Accursed.

Arriving in Balts, I encountered a Hag, and was able to increase my Storytelling skill to Master level. This was strange, hasn't happened to me so fast in a game before. This led to a second encounter there, with a Thief, and I ended up being Scorned after making a poor judgement of his character.

Travelling on to Bulgars, I met a boastful Enchantress, and using my Stealth & Stealing Talent skill, was able to steal and acquire the fabled Magic Lamp! A treasure, I actually got my hands on a treasure! Wow! :)

And that's when the fates knocked me down. While travelling the wilderness, I chanced upon a sad Gooleh (the Arabian form of ghoul). It turned out she was female, and I got fed to and eaten by her children, but the ghouls also discovered religion and love of Allah in the process - but too late to save me... I was dead, quite literally. I have never seen this result in the game to this point, let alone never even heard of it happening in other games, but poor Ali Baba died! I was shocked, to put it mildly.

I needn't have worried, as the rules stated that when one died, one started again as one of one's brothers or sisters. The only thing that one kept from the previous life was one's Skills, Story Points, and Destiny Points. I began the new life of Ibar Baba ona Quest for riches in the city of Zaila. While travelling, I came upon an ancient city, but got nothing out of the search there other than a good story to tell.

Travelling on to Bilma, I came upon a Garrulous Prince. Nothing came of that, but I did encounter a lion there as well, and gained an opportunity to travel to the Jeweled Fortress, one of the legendary Places of Power.

On the way to the Jeweled Fortress, I encountered an evil Efreeteh, but was able to use my Quick Thinking skill to get out of a nasty situation.

Entering the Jeweled Fortress, I came upon a good batch of loot, and left there with some Story Points, Destiny Points, Wealth +3, and the Magic Carpet treasure! Two treasures in one game! I'm still in shock over that.

Leaving the Fortress, I met up with a multitudinous band of Brigands. I ended up being beat up, lost Wealth (only down to a Respectable level), and was Wounded. Such is the life of an adventurer in the lands of the Arabian Nights. :)

On the next turn, I stayed where I was, and healed myself of the Wounds, thus regaining the use of my Stealth & Stealing and Appearance skills.

Reaching Zaila, I came upon the Crystal Palace, and was able to use the Magic Carpet to encounter the love of my life. In quick succession, we were married, and so I would make my home from this time forward in Zaila.

Travelling to Baghdad, I came upon a place that held a lost book, but the book fell apart, and I gained nothing.

Travelling on, I encountered a dendan, the largest and most fearsome creatures of the oceans. Escaping the dendan barely, I then encountered a group of citizens of a town that had strange customs, but nothing out of the ordinary came of that.

Arriving in Baghdad, I encountered a farmer and gained another treasure, but I was more concerned with fulfilling the Quest that I was on, which I did. However, by that time it was 5:00 pm, and so we stopped the game.

I finished the game with 13 Destiny Points, 17 Story Points, and Wealth of Rich. Tammy was going to win the game on the very next turn, but overall I had a terrific game. I've just never played the game with a Death result happening to me or any other player of the game, and between the new and old editions of the game, this makes something like my 25th game of Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Still, I enjoyed the game immensely, and had a terrific time playing it once more. Tales of the Arabian Nights is very much a storytelling game, in which you are at the whims of Allah (and the dice), and story and seeing what misfortunes and ill luck befall you. Looking forward to my next game of this! :)
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