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Work and Doctor's Appointment

Just got in to work this morning, and have a bit of time to check out some stuff on the internet.

Looks like it's going to be a warm day here in Ottawa, with humidity and some rain again, but mostly relatively humid. Have I mentioned how much I hate humidity? :(

Work today promises to be somewhat engaging. Lot of stuff to do on the project that I'm working on, and I've got several other projects gearing up to start shortly. Work will be busy during the month of June, that's for sure.

Went to the doctor yesterday for my regularly scheduled appointment. The doctor was pretty similar to how the diabetes specialist at the Diabetes Clinic felt about my current status, and agreed about upping the dose of Glumetza and/or Diamicron, depending on whether my blood sugars come back under some semblance of control. I've still got the pain in my abdominal cavity, and some diarrhea, but he told me that it's likely diet and other stuff. In the meantime, I'm to have another PSA test for the prostate stuff, so will be going for that during the course of the week.

Time for morning tea.
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