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Busy Friday

First chance that I've had today to blog a bit, although I did find a bit of time to Twitter earlier this morning (if you want to Twitter away with me from time to time, go get a Twitter account and friend me; I'm jkahane1 over there).

The weather today is warm, around 25oC (around 77oF), but the humidity is a bit up there. Makes it uncomfortable, but at least the heat itself is not too high. Been busy as heck with Friday work, since the end of the week makes them want to pile the workload a bit higher than I would like it, but what can you do? Haven't had a chance to breathe, let alone do any personal reading or internet surfing, since I got in this morning, so if I'm behind on mail and forum reading to your posts, I apologise.

Need to stop off on the way home after work and pick up some cottage cheese, cukes, and a few other veggies to have lying around for the weekend as snacks. ::scribbles post-it to self::
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