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Summary of Friday Night Game

Finally getting around to blogging about the Friday night game session.

I went out to Ottawa's West End to game with the group on Friday night, seeing that SteveB was still feeling somewhat under the weather, and Kathy had called me and asked if I would be able to come out to their place to game. Given that we've gamed enough at my place, and the fact that I knew what was going on with SteveB and all, I was fine with going out there for the evening to game. Kathy even told me that she would make dinner, so who was I to say no?

I got to Steve and Kathy's place around 5:30 pm, and we had a terrific supper. Dinner proved to be a lovely chicken dish with a lightly flavoured rice pilaf with steamed veggies, and for dessert we had apples slices with cinnamon and some sour cream. Good food.

Gaming commenced around 7:00 pm once all the other players had arrived. We started with the Desolation rpg playtest. Needless to say, I can't talk about the playtest too much as there's an NDA covering this stuff, but suffice it to say that it covers material that is in the next Desolation supplement. The players were quite pleased with the material that they got to work with, and we had a good time with it for some three and a half hours or so.

The second half of the evening was spent playing and creating characters for the Atomic Highway post-apocalyptic game that owes more to Mad Max films than to The Road. The players really liked the simplicity of the game rules, the funny way that the Attributes' first initials spelled out "MUTANTS", and some of the other elements of the game. The players created an interesting mix of characters for the game, and it will be fascinating to see how they turn out. Kathy created a female thief/scavenger from a small remnant community, Ishara Tannhauser; SteveB created a tribal guardian type, Karlos Two-Feather; Nick created a foul-mouthed road warrior, Dexter Mahoney; Tom created a 'steader sentinel, Adrian Horfeld; Joannne created a remnant lore keeper, Wynona "Winnie" Jones; and little Ellie created a remnant greaser kid named Katelin "Greasy" Johnson. A really neat mix of characters, and a group that promises some interesting gaming times.

I ran the group through some exercises in dice rolling in the game system, and got in a couple of sample combats to show the players how the combat system works. The players were both impressed with it and terrified of it. We broke up for the evening around 1:00 am, and I packed up and drove home, and was back around 1:45 am. I remember going to bed, and then waking up way too early.

In any event, a good night's gaming was had by all.
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