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Summing Up the Easter Weekend

What a weekend this has been!

I'm not going to tell you all that much about my time with Stef, simply because that's personal and private, but will say that the girl rocks! and that I'm already missing her since dropping her off at the Ottawa International Airport for the flight back to Calgary yesterday evening.

Since she had the extra day, I managed to have the Monday off as well, and things went really went on Sunday night when I went to her brother's place for Easter dinner. Being Jewish with pagan leanings, I'm not comfortable around most Christian holiday fare, but Stef's brother, Thomas, and his wife, Sharon, put on a simple meal with lots of fun.

The tummy and everything else has been well-behaved for the most part, although the gaseousness persisted, something that Stef got great joy out of, making all kinds of jokes about it, so I guess ehe was more comfortable with it than I was! Love that girl! So perhaps I'm over the worst of the Metaformin blues.

In the meantime, the world of work has beckoned again, and things are looking up for the rest of the week. The NHL hockey playoffs start tomorrow, with the Ottawa Senators hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins in a series that should really be excellent. I think that the Sens are going to beat the Penguins in the series, but it's going to be a hard-fought clash between them, so I'm saying Ottawa over Pittsburgh 4 games to 2, although the series could go 7 games. Most folks don't give the Penguins credit for the season that they had this year, so I think Ottawa will be in tough against them once they get their playoff legs. The Senators are a better team than they have been in several seasons, insofar as dealing with pressure and mental toughness are concerned. So we'll see what's what... Go Sens, Go! :)
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