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Afternoon with My Goddaughter

I have spent a pleasant afternoon and early evening with my goddaughter, Ellie.

I picked Ellie up from the house after I got off work, and then took her back to my house. We had a light lunch together, and she spent some time reading before I took her out to take care of stuff. We went grocery shopping. and picked up the necessary stuff for making a Shepherd's pie, and then headed to the License Bureau so that I could take care of re-newing my driver's license. (It expires July 3rd, my birthday.). After the license, I drove over to the local DynaCare clinic, and had my PSA test done. Once that was done, we headed back to the house.

Ellie gave me a hand getting some of the ingredients ready for the Shepherd's pie, and while I finished making the pie and getting it ready for the oven, Ellie watched the Classic Doctor Who serial, "The Tomb of the Cybermen". I joined her on the couch for the last two episodes and a bit, and we sat and enjoyed a wonderful performance by Patrick Troughton and his fellow co-stars, with Ellie expressing disgust, horror, and running the gamut of emotions as the story unfolded.

By the time we finished watching "The Tomb of the Cybermen", the Shepherd's pie was ready to be devoured, so I whipped up a couple of salads for the two of us, and we had a most enjoyable dinner. After dinner, the little 'un came downstairs to do a few things on the computer, while I washed the dishes and took care of packing up the remainder of the Shepherd's pie so that Ellie could take that home with her. By the time I finished up, Ellie was just about done on the computer, so we relaxed on the couch and waited for her mom and dad to come by and pick her up.

SteveB and Kathy were grateful to have had most of the day together without the kids around, and I was glad to spend part of the day with Ellie. She always brings me back down to earth, and to be honest, improves my mood mightily at times.

Time to relax for the last two hours or so before bed.
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