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Friday Night Derailed, Atomic Highway Instead

Last night, the Friday night gaming group got together as usual, but things didn't go as planned.

While I had planned to run another playtest of some of the new Desolation material that will be coming out in August at GenCon, the gaming group had other plans.

Due to my problems with my foot (as discussed in this post), I can't drive the car until at least after the weekend, so Kathy came over to drive me back to their place for the gaming session. She told me to leave the Desolation stuff at the house, and take with me my copy of Atomic Highway instead, and anything I might need for the game to run it. We had a nice home-cooked meal at their place, and while eating dinner, Kathy and a couple of the others explained to me that they were tired of the playtests, and wanted to game. Specifically, they wanted to game some Atomic Highway. So gaming started around 7:00 pm.

The players had already all created their characters for Atomic Highway a week or so earlier (you can read the post about the player characters in this blog entry), so we were all set to go...sort of. I did a bit of "on a wing and a prayer" gaming here, and created the basics of the game world environment that I would stick them in, basing the game out of Chicago (now renamed Windy Town), fleshed out a couple of NPCs for use, and then got down to gaming.

The players started the game off with a briefing on the game world and some of the things that had happened to cause the Apocalypse, and then after letting the players make a few notes on their characters' backgrounds and possible ties to one another, got down into the basic mechanics and rules of the game, and then we went through a small series of combats. By that time, the players were ready to start playing the game once more.

I started off with a simple game plot. The player characters were hired to transport some goods to a small 'steader holding outside the city. Easy, right? Wrong! Between someone wanting the goods they were transporting, and a couple of encounters with some Windy Town locals, things got real interesting. I wrapped up the scenario as the player characters encountered a raider/brigand roadblack at Cheyenne Bridge, and that's where we'll start the next game session. :)

Overall, the players had a terrific time, got in some good roleplaying with their characters, and really liked the simple game mechanics. They said to me that for a game run on a wing and a prayer, they had a blast, and couldn't wait to do Atomic Highway again! Me, either! :)

Kathy was kind enough to drive me back to the house after getting Ellie off to sleep. While I felt guilty about it, she told me she was glad to do it, as it got her away from the house and the kids for a little bit. Got home around midnight, and had a light snack and then listened to a bit of DAWG FM 101.9 read for a bit before going to sleep.
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